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16.10.2017 Participating in Inktober art challenge created by Jake Parker. This one is not really an ink drawing, but my favorite this month. Prompts “teeming” + “fierce”, days 13 and 14.
sharks jar by ascha
8.09.2017 My most favorite science fiction topic in prompts “gloomy scenery” + “cold costume”. I used to love space stories far before the one about Mars. Drawing time ca 30 minutes.

6.09.2017 One more about that challenge! Prompts: “lined fox” + “warm coffee”!

3.09.2017 There is a cool art-challenge running now. Look by @alexandradikaja! This is an image to prompts “honey pie” + “secret wind”. I do combine twice more as usual. Thats sooo fun! Everybody welcome to the challenge! (And to get a piece of this pie…)
18.08.2017 Best “Hideout place” for #childhoodweek artchallenge
4.07.2017 My husband is a genie! He has created this idea, sorry thats in russian and untranslatible, but the meaning is that the “mink-mouse” and “break-the-rules-mouse” differ only by one russian letter!

10.06.2017 Combining art challenges #лимонадноенастроение & #cutemonsters

06.05.2017 Just the feeling
periods monthlies cartoon cute
22.04.2017 About pelmeni and way of eating them
ascha pelmeni
13.01.2017 We`ll break through
13.01.2017 Finally drew something about tea!
hydrologic cycle funny

12.01.2017 About judging
judge not that ye be not judged

14.10.2016 A little about Garnet
26.09.2016 Got new favorite cartoon: Steven Universe

11.09.2016 About the newest Apple products

26.08.2016 Sorry, thats untranslatable 🙂 Just can`t stand when when old good russian foods are called in an american manner.

23.07.2016 Undress and work. For my friend who makes stickers
14.04.2016 Just for fun
ascha roller pink shark
married fire question finally lready
zopiac pants underwear funny ascha
11.03.2016 Real story.
slut shoes laudrury

8.03.2016 Happy 8th of March (Women`s day)
happy 8march ascha wheels
22.02.2016 About buses
ascha bus driving licence
14.02.2016 Happy 14th!
february 14 meat valentine
5.02.2016 About mermaids and russian language






truesalka(true goth mermaid)

RUSalka(“rusalka” means actually mermaid)

MIRmaid(MIR – means “peace”)


29.11.2015 About giving a ride
ascha give ride cabbage
25.08.2015 About endless work days
sims ascha needs draw
13.08.2015 “Turning right or just feeling hot?”
heat sun hand window car funny new hot turn ascha
ascha car birthday celebrate
30.07.2015 What if everybody stop reposting and start write OWN thoughts?
repost funny vkontakte dreadlocks
10.07.2015 What if fashion makers wrote in russian:
russian fashion ascha tshirts moda funny comics
30.06.2015 “A duck” in Russian means also something like”rumors”.
1.05.2015 About how do people change sometimes.
new tooth changed tires
30.04.2014 About reflective vest.
reflective vest ascha car cartoon auto funny
17.03.2014 About presents.

ascha Plasti Dip plastidip spray
8.02.2014 About Nissan. The word sounds like russian “Dont be afraid”
nissan не ссы ascha
23.03.2015 About The Dress. Drew looking at works of Pushai
thedress dress color golden white black blue
10.03.2015 About food shopping
shop sexy goods

26.02.2015 Decided to kill my instagram page. A small backup will be here, but no more ad-followers, no more kid parts, no more boasting travellers, no more hesitations not to be yourself.
ascha instagram bye only pink shark stays
12.02.2015 About coffee buckets in Minsk
vedro kofe minsk
6.02.2015 About driving school
shoes tires ascha
22.01.2015 Late night no sleep
23.12.2014 Just wanna stop all this need-to-go-somewhere-buy-presents stuff.
14.12.2014 Bought watercolor yesterday!
nissan juke watercolor by ascha
12.12.2014 Finally got time to draw this idea about games:
ascha games PC ipad 2 types
4.12.2014 About feeling safe. Occasionally, the pic weights 777,7 kb!
1.12.2014 Just about a schimps(shrimps) girl.
shrimps girl by ascha
4.11.2014 About a happy test week without social nets.
tired of social nets antisocial ascha
22.10.2014 About low Lada (Жигули).
жигули ascha lada
21.10.2014 Wa all love our neighbors!
renovation remont cartoon builder psychologist
17.10.2014 About time to get winter clothes out.
winter clothes cartoon
16.10.2014 Rain season started today.
make it rain - ascha - car wash
15.10.2014 Just about nothing.
bra ascha sexy
13.10.2014 About going for a rollerride alone.

4.10.2014 First time alone at gas station. Late at night and a bit tired…
gas station funny comics car cartoon
2.10.2014 After all boring nets discovered the most friendly site ever.
drive2 website found
1.10.2014 About winter which is coming
winter soon tires ascha comics
26.09.2014 About thousands of contests in social nets.
ascha social nets

23.09.2014 Fresh background for “Oh my Jesus, what a guy! Drinking vodka he denies!”. You can use it for any personal happy cards)
muzchina man happy please trollface

10.09.2014 About driving on empty night streets.
drive cake sport car ascha cartoon
7.09.2014 For Jadfeel
ascha jadfeel card
6.09.2014 Abouth bathrooms.
ascha bathroom ducks salon
3.09.2014 About cats.
ascha cat zen dzen

29.08.2014 About the situation when my pic gets only 1 like and any pic about “ah I will drink on friday night and then feel like a shit” gets a 1000.
no way comics
23.06.2014 About Saturday morning and all the ones who left the city Minsk for weekend.
eternal saturday driving cartoon minsk

23.05.2014 About coffee
coffee needs
17.05.2014 Translation is something like “Even if you feed a wolf good – he won`t be NYAN.” But in rhyme)
Found that cutest ever russian phrase on
сколько волка ни корми он не будет мимими
05.05.2014 About recursion
recursion wacuum cleaner

04.2014.2014 What did I draw the whole month)
draw quest by ascha
30.03.2014 About sping garderobe
nothing to wear whatever happens

17.03.2014 About free time… and Happy Birthday to my Dad too!
designer free time

16.02.2014 Gongrats to the best dance school!
dance ascha just

30.01.2014   about words and icons
icon cartoon pictogram pentagram

8.01.2014  a sporty guy holding his fresh driver`s license
driver license sport adidas четкий пацан с правами

11.12.1213  just suddenly got that idea, aha
other half cartoon funny lol

24.11.2013  from home life

9.10.2013 probably in love
wanna poo with butterflies lol pic

13.10.2013 from daily life. Thanks to Oleg Sosna for help with translation into English!
lights up designers comics dark room

8.10.2013 not sleeping enough the 3d night already…
sleep well purple shadows ascha comics aschainfo
7.10.2013 lovig red color
red girl by asch

about rules of the road…


15.08.2013 Just got this idea while walking in the street.

5.05.2013 After shopping-therapy with my friend Olga.
Verse in German: “Green dots, red roses – my favorite pants”

unterhosen mit rosen

20.04.2013 “A monkey with grenade” – russian saying about someone who`s
driving not so confident
Ascha - monkey with grenade

13.03.2013 Shark car. Did not pass the driving test today)
akulkomobil by ascha
7.08.2013 Still learning to drive
sketch with pink car

10.02.2013 Learning to drive. And to draw, inspired by Sergey Ishmaev and Roman Shchedrin

24.12.2012 Merry or mArry Christmas to all U!

Marry christmas
10.12.2012 Another avatar version:
pink ascha avatar

10.12.2012 Series “find a willy”
girl with a cup найди пипиську

10.11.2012 For Armands

blowjob by ascha

14.10.2012 About social nets

12.10.2012  Halloween is coming!

halloween vampire by ascha

29.09.2012  About spaces
i need more space

27.08.2012 About TV

23.08.2012 For Facebookme and unicorn

19.08.2012 For Tinywhitebunny (Happy Birthday!)

08.08.2012 Wanted to draw quickly a cute rainbow unicorn…


26.07.2012 About candies

15.07.2012 About apples

08.07.2012 Finally we`ve got hot summer! Even something like 30°C

16.05.2012 About rollerblades

01.05.2012 “Discobolos”. Thx Myron for a wonderful model.

23.04.2012 About sheep and battles

20.04.2012 About the truth that we figure out ourselves
and dozens of clever thoughts that we automatically like in FB.  

29.03.2012 About the fact that there is no one in the city,
who can go and drink coffee with me after a late working day(
wanna have a coffee with you

25.03.2012  An old Opel. In German “Opa” means “grandad”
alter opel

18.03.2012  About installing CS5 on Windows and putting ringtones into i4Work like i waте - Windows, Ios

05.03.2012  About dreadlocks

04.03.2012  About our social future)  

Yeah, im famous!!!

20 feb 2012, about main russian social net “vkontakte”. Text on sheet in hand: “useful news, 1 piece”
vkontakte turned into a swamp

Looked up in a an old HDD – found this pic. Matsches my mood now, when too many things in brain don`t allow to concentrate on really important things. The pic is dated 2012.
reset me - old works

9 feb 2012, for Alex

9 jan 2012


7 nov 2011, for apple users
fuck itunes, uaaaaa!

14 oct 2011, for designers

давайте подвигаем эту плашечку!

24 sept 2011, for Madrixo


9 July 2011, morning

just color cat

That is actually a t-shirt print, but i wanted to adjust “hue-saturation”…