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September 2022 Want to stay healthy? Visit a kinesiologist.

January 2021 Got into ice skating, just love that!
Screenshot 2021-01-17 at 23.58.36

August 2020 Way too busy. Work, brothers. work!

April 2020
Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 14.32.16

23 December 2019 – Let the snow be here:

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 23.00.10

Set of free pink mobile wallpapers with cute mice >>


Fresh ( hmmm… yep! ) version of my cutest ever wallpaper App is here.
And it’s free version too.

4 July 2019 Sharks are back
Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 12.10.50
January 2019 Another cute avatar
Untitled_Artwork 13.PNG
2 December 2018 “Please!”


Autumn 2018 – my new fav avatar. A little about Burning Man.

Autumn 2018 – “Breaker mouse” redraw:
Мышка нарушка by Ascha
Autumn 2018 – “Evening of that day, when you got up really early”
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 12.42.39

Autumn 2018 – About working out at home with kids

Autumn 2018 hnUX44pKnVI
22.08.2018 Some massage
Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 18.45.17

22.07.2018 I really do love traveling
ascha travel

21.07.2018 Just a red bird. Idea by Elina.

22.06.2018 New Artchallenge from Alexandra Dikaia. “Flower Brunia + sissors” :
brunia by pink shark
20.06.2016 Dedicated to all soldering lovers

24.05. 2018 Happy Birthday to Alexandra!!!

23.03.2018  “The Lantern guardian princess” (in Russian “the lantern” is also that blue one around her eye) for #princess_power_2018
22.03.2018 “The princess of beetles (JUKES)))”
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 16.16.34
21.03.2018 “The princess of cozy wool” for #princess_power_2018
Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 16.16.56.png
26.02.2018 Some further episodes of my sci-fi saga: juk

5.02.2018 The space saga goes on:


1.02.2018  Wow, thats the second month of the year already! And the start of cool artchallenge by Alexandra My current prompts are “Constellation + Toukan” and “Lavender + Bat”. In Russian bat is a flying mouse, so everything is right : D
tukan copy
25.01.2018 Started Photoshop Drawing series for beginners!
Watch the easiest and cutest lesson in my Instagram or on YouTube
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 02.38.21.png
3.01.2018 Just a white mouse
Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 02.58.49
23.12.2017 About nowadays

17.12.2017 One more winter artchallenge. Prompts “under the snow” + “light shades”:

7.12.2017 A little bit participation in #childhoodweek art event. Some of the prompts combined with a little bit memory and several wishes.
childhoodweek by ascha

4.12.2017 Real story finally draw today.
wc spray instead hair lack

3.11.2017 Just wanted to draw a cute mouse. She has not tea or coffee, that`s warm chocolate.
28.10.2017 One more little creative push, created by Alexandra Dikaia. This pic has a prompt “Banshee learns to make magic”. Strange is, that I could choose the token myself, but tried also a random number – and it was exactly the one I wanted to draw…
P.S. Who will find an “easter egg” here?
banshee by ascha for an art challenge
16.10.2017 Participating in Inktober art challenge created by Jake Parker. This one is not really an ink drawing, but my favorite this month. Prompts “teeming” + “fierce”, days 13 and 14.
sharks jar by ascha
8.09.2017 My most favorite science fiction topic in prompts “gloomy scenery” + “cold costume”. I used to love space stories far before the one about Mars. Drawing time ca 30 minutes.

6.09.2017 One more about that challenge! Prompts: “lined fox” + “warm coffee”!

3.09.2017 There is a cool art-challenge running now. Look by @alexandradikaja! This is an image to prompts “honey pie” + “secret wind”. I do combine twice more as usual. Thats sooo fun! Everybody welcome to the challenge! (And to get a piece of this pie…)
18.08.2017 Best “Hideout place” for #childhoodweek artchallenge
4.07.2017 My husband is a genie! He has created this idea, sorry thats in russian and untranslatible, but the meaning is that the “mink-mouse” and “break-the-rules-mouse” differ only by one russian letter!

10.06.2017 Combining art challenges #лимонадноенастроение & #cutemonsters

06.05.2017 Just the feeling
periods monthlies cartoon cute
22.04.2017 About pelmeni and way of eating them
ascha pelmeni
13.01.2017 We`ll break through
13.01.2017 Finally drew something about tea!
hydrologic cycle funny

12.01.2017 About judging
judge not that ye be not judged

14.10.2016 A little about Garnet
26.09.2016 Got new favorite cartoon: Steven Universe

11.09.2016 About the newest Apple products

26.08.2016 Sorry, thats untranslatable 🙂 Just can`t stand when when old good russian foods are called in an american manner.

23.07.2016 Undress and work. For my friend who makes stickers
14.04.2016 Just for fun
ascha roller pink shark
married fire question finally lready
zopiac pants underwear funny ascha
11.03.2016 Real story.
slut shoes laudrury

8.03.2016 Happy 8th of March (Women`s day)
happy 8march ascha wheels
22.02.2016 About buses
ascha bus driving licence
14.02.2016 Happy 14th!
february 14 meat valentine
5.02.2016 About mermaids and russian language






truesalka(true goth mermaid)

RUSalka(“rusalka” means actually mermaid)

MIRmaid(MIR – means “peace”)

29.11.2015 About giving a ride
ascha give ride cabbage
25.08.2015 About endless work days
sims ascha needs draw
13.08.2015 “Turning right or just feeling hot?”
heat sun hand window car funny new hot turn ascha
ascha car birthday celebrate
30.07.2015 What if everybody stop reposting and start write OWN thoughts?
repost funny vkontakte dreadlocks
10.07.2015 What if fashion makers wrote in russian:
russian fashion ascha tshirts moda funny comics
30.06.2015 “A duck” in Russian means also something like”rumors”.
1.05.2015 About how do people change sometimes.
new tooth changed tires
30.04.2014 About reflective vest.
reflective vest ascha car cartoon auto funny
17.03.2014 About presents.

ascha Plasti Dip plastidip spray
8.02.2014 About Nissan. The word sounds like russian “Dont be afraid”
nissan не ссы ascha
23.03.2015 About The Dress. Drew looking at works of Pushai
thedress dress color golden white black blue
10.03.2015 About food shopping
shop sexy goods

26.02.2015 Decided to kill my instagram page. A small backup will be here, but no more ad-followers, no more kid parts, no more boasting travellers, no more hesitations not to be yourself.
ascha instagram bye only pink shark stays
12.02.2015 About coffee buckets in Minsk
vedro kofe minsk
6.02.2015 About driving school
shoes tires ascha
22.01.2015 Late night no sleep
23.12.2014 Just wanna stop all this need-to-go-somewhere-buy-presents stuff.
14.12.2014 Bought watercolor yesterday!
nissan juke watercolor by ascha
12.12.2014 Finally got time to draw this idea about games:
ascha games PC ipad 2 types
4.12.2014 About feeling safe. Occasionally, the pic weights 777,7 kb!


1.12.2014 Just about a schimps(shrimps) girl.
shrimps girl by ascha
4.11.2014 About a happy test week without social nets.
tired of social nets antisocial ascha
22.10.2014 About low Lada (Жигули).
жигули ascha lada
21.10.2014 Wa all love our neighbors!
renovation remont cartoon builder psychologist
17.10.2014 About time to get winter clothes out.
winter clothes cartoon
16.10.2014 Rain season started today.
make it rain - ascha - car wash
15.10.2014 Just about nothing.
bra ascha sexy
13.10.2014 About going for a rollerride alone.

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