Set of free pink mobile wallpapers with cute mice >>


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A sort of visual game which I`m hosting in instagram. That’s called Half Life just because you need to draw another half to the suggested image.

xtremeway hiking olympos
Full guide for those who want to get to the Olympos Top, in Greece. In russian, but with many pics >>


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Full guide for those who want to discover Zante Island in Greece. In russian, but with many pics >>


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My collection of 404 errorsmet while living in the internet >>


1.jpgThe most viral post about the big global lie about giving birth >>



The ultimate solution for allergic skin problems of newborns. In russian.


The best App Ive ever used was Draw Quest. Here is the saved collection of images, i`ve created there. Still having tears on my eyes when remembering that the app is gone >>



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My collection of really crazy or stupid shutterstock images. Met while looking for something there at work. Yeeeessssss!!!! >>


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Greek words for the topic “City life” with cute images ?>>





Series of drawings about how it feels being pregnant >>



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Range of observation about a typical iphone user >>



gradients iOS 7 psd
An oldie but why not? A psd file with colors and gradients that are still trending.



Some really old memories which keep lighten my heart.

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Some poems in russian. And german. And greek.

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Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 02.29.20.png

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