1. Get the source

Download this PSD for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (5C or 5S too) and open it.

2. Place your picture

Choose layer named “place your pic here”. The upper purple layer represents place reserved for clock and another information on the lock screen.
open psd, choose layer

Open Finder and find a picture you want to use as a wallpaper. Drag this picture directly into Photoshop. Another quick way is to use menu item File > Place…

drag file

Center your picture

The picture will appear in center of our file. Now a trick: to zoom out hold Cmd + Space and move your mouse (or finger on touchpad) to top.

We need to match the hight of the picture with the height of the file.Also hold Shift + Alt (this combination prevents distortion and lets you transform the object from center and not from corner) and drag one of the corners of the inserted picture out of the file`s rand.To get a transformation box anytime, not only after placing the picture – press the great hotkey combination Ctrl + T

ctrl + T

Delete guide layer and save

Delete the layer “delete this layer” which is above the layer with your picture, marked with purple.

Now go to menu File > Save for web(Or press Shift + Alt + Shift + S)

save for web

Choose JPEG (if it is not chosen already) and press button “save”

save for web jpg

Now type the wished name of your file and press “save” again

save file


What to do if the picture is too small to fit the whole screen? This will work fast and easy with images on solid background. Choose the Eyedropper Tool and pick color from the background of your fresh placed picture.
Then choose layer “Background” and press an icon “Create a new layer” in the bottom part of your layer panel. Another way to make a new layer above the chosen one is to use hotkeys Shift + Cmd + N, then OK

get color

Now press Alt + Backspace which will fill the whole empty layer with the color you picked in the previous step.

fill color

After this go back to step 5 and save your creation. 

Now u can use your own wallpaper on your iPhone. To get in into the device i usually email if from my computer) If u got any ideas about this tutorial – feel free to comment)